Meet Our Wwoof’ers

We ask for dedication, attention to detail, hard physical work and enthusiasm from our wwoof’ers …. a lot to ask from even the highest paid workers!  These remarkable and hardworking young women and men grace us with their presence, work, laughter and love in exchange for room, board and an opportunity to live on a farm…

learning how to turn dirt into soil and soil into food.DSC02837DSC02858

They also learn how to work longer and harder than they ever have before;  to wonder at the marvel that the seeds they planted only weeks or months before become the food on their plates.  And for those interested in learning to cook, how to take those fruits, vegetables, eggs and herbs and turn them into delicious meals.

We are grateful for this wonderful farm life, and that it is time for us to teach the next generation the skills that the last generation taught us… Meet just a few of the many young people who have left their footprints on our farm and in our hearts.    Pat and Molly with the harvest.

Lauren20140805_190804Lauren – a wwoof’er whose heart led her to farming (and 2015 farm manager intern), holding two beautiful romanesco (on the left)  and a prize winning strawberry.




Haley -who put heart and soul into planting 500 strawberry plants…. 2014

mulching the blueberries and relaxing on the front porch.





   20140801_082300 Kameron











Kacie, Lauren and Kameron with our first lettuce harvest of spring! Kacie displaying an Armenian cucumber, Kameron’s carrot top.




Tommy- working on the Flower to Flour website and harvesting carrots in the snow.  2014




20140706_104313Patrick (left)  and Kameron stringing tomato plants



Lauren and Haley harvesting radishes and lettuce

garlic harvest
Great Garlic Harvest has begun

Hiking in the Columbia Gorge Wilderness (Wahtum Lake)



Patrick and Robin 2013


Hugo (France) and Matthew working on the pond 2013


wwoofer Ted

Patrick, Revelyn, Lauren and Ted


Ted watering tomato seedlings 2015


Maddalena (Brazil) and Linda planting Garlic in October 2015

Adrian and Jennifer

Adrian and Jennifer

Robin preparing a bed for carrots

Robin preparing a bed for carrots

Jennifer hauling wood chips for pathways

Jennifer hauling wood chips for pathways 2016


Mallory harvesting baby leeks

Simon (France) harvesting Dill

Simon (France) harvesting Dill 2016


Friends Elsie and Nic helping Patrick put up tool shed walls

Wwoofer Laura and husband Jordan

Laura and Jordan 2015

Jordan's favorite relaxation

Jordan’s favorite relaxation


Sons Loehn and Brynden building the tool shed.

Robin, Steven, and Eleanor with a sample of today's ample harvest.

Robin, Steven, and Eleanor with a sample of today’s ample harvest.




happy wwoofers Hailey, Robin, Eleanor, Zoe, Steven

Happy Wwoofer’s Hailey, Robin, Eleanor, Zoe, Steven 2016